It is a traumatic experience for any homeowner when disaster strikes your home. No matter whether it is a leaking pipe or if flames have engulfed the entire house, you need professional help. 

The kind of help that takes a bit of the pressure off you and they know exactly what to do. They will help to repair and restore your home to its original state.

But, Do you know who to call for help? 

You might even know what residential damage restoration companies are. What are some of the services offered to homeowners who have suffered property damage? Damages made by major disasters like fires, storms to damages caused by floods or mold.

But, it may be unclear to you about what services are covered as part of the disaster restoration process. We list 5 tips for residential damage restoration and services it covers

Residential damage restoration services offered

Water and Flood damages

Services offered for water and flood damages are for both the simple and complex jobs. The residential water damage restoration services involve using the best equipment and methods to extract the water. Other equipment is used to clean debris and to properly dry out the area. This is before the process of repairing and restoring your home can begin.

Expertise is needed for the more complex type of jobs, like dealing with a whole house flooding. Most residential damage restoration companies offer a specialized service. A service like a flood damage restoration in Houston, tx. This is where contractors are properly trained and have experience in dealing with catastrophic events.

Another thing about floodwater is it is a danger to anyone caught in it. Sewage; waste, chemical spills, bio-toxins, debris, and other disease-carrying organisms contaminate the water. For this, you would need the help of residential biohazard cleanup services. This is usually a separate specialized service, and not offered by all companies.

Fire and smoke damages

Fire and smoke damages to your home can cause content damages and major structural damages. This makes your home unstable and unsafe to enter until repairs are made. You would require the services of residential fire damage Restoration Company.

These services include reducing the risk of any further damages. Saving as much of your home and personal belongings as possible. It includes smoke damage remediation, soot restoration, repairing, and restoring your home to its original form.

In the event of a fire, firefighters use water to kill the fire. This could result in mold growth and spreading throughout your home. This brings us to the next service that is provided by a disaster damage restoration in Houston company.

Residential mold remediation services

The presence of mold can ruin your home and cause you and your family to have many different health issues. Professionals who are licensed and have the expertise of identifying the different types of mold offer this service. They identify the source and the extent of the mold damage. Tape off and clean the infected areas, and help you to prevent new growth from developing. 


5 Tips for finding the best company that handles disaster damage restoration in Houston

  • Hire local, as they can get to you quickly in an emergency and access the damage before they begin the restoration process
  • Check all the available references for that specific company. Check online, social media, with friends, family, and neighbors. Make sure that they are reasonably priced and have arrived and taken action quickly. Check on the quality of past jobs and make sure other customers were satisfied.
  • Make sure that you choose a contractor who is licensed and insured. Check that they meet the residential damage restoration industry standards.
  • Be sure to choose a company that works with different insurance companies. Check that they have the expertise to help guide you through the claims process. 
  • The company you choose should also offer a 24-hour service. You need someone available immediately.

When faced with disasters that damage your home, follow these 5 tips for residential damage restoration and services it covers. When you do, you will be back in your cleaned and restored home quickly. You will also have the peace of mind that professionals with the experience and the expertise handled your restoration.

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