Every Possible Cause of Water Damage Explained

a plastic pipe leaking water
There are several ways your home can flood. Contrary to popular belief, the most common cause of water damage comes from within the home rather than outside. Water damage has serious effects on the structural integrity of your home and your health. If left untreated, moisture and humidity create the perfect place for mold to develop. Water damage does not spread, but it does worsen over time. For that reason, you should have any water damage restored and have the source of the water eliminated. This helps you save money from greater repairs or problems. Water damage is often covered by your homeowners insurance if the event is accidental and unexpected. Making a claim will help you resolve the issue and save money. However, you’ll need flood insurance if the damage is done from external forces such as nature. The causes of water damage include the following:
  • bursting or leaking pipe
  • buildup of water
  • malfunctioning appliances
  • HVAC problems
  • natural disaster

Bursting or Leaking Pipe

The most common cause of water damage is a bursting or leaking pipe. Water pressure in pipes can buildup causing them to leak or eventually burst. Often times, clogged toilets, drains, and garbage disposals are often the culprits. Trees growing outside can also affect your home’s pipes. The roots grow enough to damage the water lines. Simple age can also cause pipes to leak. Busted pipes or leaks are often found in walls of homes, so keep your eye out for any issues in those areas.

Buildup of Water

The basement and attic often see water from leaks or floods from rain. If your roof is not sealed completely, water leaks through. At first, this leak won’t be a problem, but if left untreated, the water will damage the wood within the attic. Basements often see flooding from heavy rainfall. You may think this area of your home is safer for water because of the concrete foundation. Unfortunately, that is not the case. A flooded basement creates problems with your home’s wiring, foundation, and create places for mold to thrive. PVC pipes leaking water There are ways of preventing water damage in both of these areas. Firstly, consider a different type of roofing material if you see water in your attic often. Metal roofing is one of the best options to prevent water from entering the home. Secondly, install a sump pump to remove water from your basement. It will pump water away from your home as the basement begins to fill with water. Finally, have a professional examine your roof or basement for areas in which you can improve water damage prevention.

Malfunctioning Appliance

The household is full of appliances that use water in their daily functions: dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine, hot water tank, etc. As these appliances age, so do their parts. They can easily experience problems with their pumps and pipes if they are too old. Examine your household appliances on an annual basis, so you know when to replace them or have repairs done.

HVAC Problems

HVAC stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning units. These systems are found in office buildings, restaurants, schools, and a multitude of other commercial buildings. HVAC systems are quite complex and require regular maintenance. If left unchecked, these systems can fail and cause serious water damage. AC units are especially important to maintain because of the moisture buildup they create.

Natural Disaster

Hurricanes, tropical storms, and heavy rainfall are common causes of floods. Homeowners and business owners have no control over these natural disasters. Instead, they have control over the methods they use to reduce water damage. There are many ways to prepare for a hurricane or tropical storm. Take the steps outlined by experts and professionals to minimize damage and increase your safety. Ther are many ways your property can sustain water damage. It is important to be prepaid for the unexpected. When you find water damage in your home or business, contact Top Notch Construction. Our team can help examine the extent of the damage and repair the area. Give us a call today.

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