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The damage created by water can increase instantly, especially when the water is unsanitary. The longer you leave the water standing, untouched and untreated, the more damage it does. Flooding can create severe structural damage and destroy personal belongings. The excess moisture from wet items aids in mold growth and leaves a bad odor behind.

Most people think of water damage as something that occurs from floods. But unfortunately, most damage is due to water from inside the home. The cause can be from a roof leak, burst pipe, malfunctioning appliances such as a dishwasher or washing machine, or even a fish aquarium. 

Top Notch Construction technicians from our water damage restoration Houston, tx department can offer leak detection services if the owner does not know the source.


The appearance of your residential or commercial property says a lot to people.  They are the first to notice water damage no matter how small of an area it is, like laminate flooring water damage. or if you need, repairs done to a water damage ceiling.

If something goes wrong. You need a water damage restoration service from an emergency water damage restoration company. A company that will respond fast with the right tools and has the proper training and experience for the job. 

Stay calm and call Top Notch Construction Houston who is the greatest and most trusted Water Damage business in Houston, Texas. Our services include everything from flood restoration Houston to performing hardwood floor repair from water damage. 

Our Water damage restoration Houston tx technicians are committed to providing you with the best response. They are dedicated residents who live in this community. We are a locally owned business and are always ready to respond fast to fix your water damage needs. Call us now if you need help with any water damage issues in Houston, Texas! (346) 206-1406


Our top priority is to quickly mitigate and minimize the seen or unseen water damage present in your home or business. 

We do this by extracting all the water in the area and apply disinfectant. We then remove any non-salvageable materials and use equipment to dry the materials that can be saved. 

This not only prevents harmful mold from growing in the damaged area, but it also saves you money in the long run.

100% Guaranteed

We are so confident in our work we offer a 100% guarantee on it. If you are not satisfied with our water damage restoration Houston services after we leave. We will return and finish the job to your satisfaction, free of charge. If we still could not restore your home to your satisfaction, we will completely refund your money. Our technicians will provide you with the best water damage repair in Houston tx that you could hope to receive. Just look at what our past clients have to say about our work.

You may not need our services now, and, honestly, we hope you do not. This will mean that something bad has happened to your home. But, if a disaster does hit your home, you need an emergency water restoration company to do something fast to protect your home and your belongings. Call us (346)206-1406.